Nowadays managers often lack time to make strategic decisions. We offer our experience from practice to use it effectively.

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In what kind of situations can we help you?

Strategy development

A need to review strategy and prepare for further development

Identification of new business opportunities to grow

Assessment of investment opportunities

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Problems with productivity

High production costs can lead to loss of customers and unsuccessful offers

Insufficient production capacity to cover demand

Low productivity in labour (in comparison with competition)

Lean production and company

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Management reporting

Creation of effective reporting for operations management as well as strategy implementation management

Industrial and procedural audit including a proposal highlighting optimal steps for productivity improvement

Implementation of performance standartisation and performance indicators

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Change in employees' attitude towards work performance and  their relationship towards the company

Employees improvement in ability to identify and remove  inefficiencies

A need to propose and  implement effective educational method and people development in order to increase performance

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What can we do?

Everything we do, we have practically verified by our own managerial experience and consequently also by the consulting activities at our clients.

We continuously monitor the latest trends and improve our expertise. To a certain extend we clearly go through constant self-development, however we never experiment!

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Practical experience from production companies
Practical experience from trading companies
Business plan creation
5S, SMED, TPM, Value, Stream, Mappin
Standardisation MOST and REFA
Lean administration
Six Sigma
Financial controlling
Strategy development


Our consulting projects as well as coaching and training programmes have successfully run in hundreds of Czech as well as   foreign companies since 1994.

The result itself and the contribution from our work is the most important thing for us.

All references
Ing. Bystrík Berthoty
Ing. Bystrík Berthoty General director and the Chairman of the Board PPA CONTROLL a.s., Bratislava

“In order to update the business strategy of PPA CONTROLL group we have already partnered with i2M for the second time .Throughout the whole time Ing. Minx managed the whole programme actively and this programme was „customised to meet our company needs“. Working with Ing. Minx served us as an inspiration, especially in the area of innovative business models, strategic company framework and simplifying cost models. ”

Ladislav Rasl
Ladislav Rasl General director Air Bohemia a.s., Liberec

“During our cooperation with i2M I was amazed how you could make us reveal all, even the most obscure information especially for you not being familiar with our industry (aviation) and use the information in such a manner that it could be used to make conclusions, predictions and plans for strategic growth. ”

Mgr. Michal Kraus
Mgr. Michal Kraus General director Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s.

“I have been working with Jindra Minx for many years. At first I participated in his educational activities as a listener and later I approached him to cooperate. Under his supervision and together with i2M we framed the first corporate strategy for our company and his knowledge helped us while forming our system of innovation, from generating ideas through various business models to actual implementation in a day to day life. The system has generated more than 80 Mil CZK for us in a 5 years timeframe. ”

MEDIN, a.s.
Michal Steinvald Production Manager MEDIN, a.s., Nové Město na Moravě

“Employees of our company were able to apply the gained knowledge into particular projects. They managed to identify many gaps in our production processes then proposed solutions and importantly implemented corrective actions which have lead to considerable savings and these can push our company to improve further. Personally I would like to highlight the fact that with the help of i2M s.r.o. lecturers we have learnt how the overall improvement process should look like and be managed. ”

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