About us

We are a consultation, training and engineering company built by a team of professionals bringing their own experience from practice.

Lecturers from our team are well capable to show you new points of view and will serve you as a source of new INSPIRATION for your INNOVATION in strategy, processes, products, services, business models for performance improvement. We bring approach and products, WHICH HAVE WORKED for many of our clients and if well implemented these will work for you as well.

Our vision

We strive to create environment where our clients come for INSPIRATION, they become part of the creation process of useful INNOVATION while using EXPERIENCE TESTED IN PRACTICE.

Inspiration & innovation which work

Deep insight

Customers‘ circumstances in relations which they most probably did not realise.

Solution for to-be situations

We can see beyond others, we manage the presence from the future.


In all the activities we offer practical assistance during the implementation of the acquired knowledge and achievement of the required results.

Proven effectiveness

We work only with partners who are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, services and solutions the same way as we are.

Practival innovation

We bring innovation for a day to day life as well as for big changes.

Why should you choose us?

  • We will not leave you alone, we are taking part of the change until the project is successfully implemented.
  • We do not lose touch with reality. All our consultants are highly experienced professionals coming from similar background and the scope of their consultation is also what they do actively in parallel.
  • We do not go for more the tens of projects in a year but those we conduct, we conduct with 100% commitment.
  • We adhere to a code of ethics: If we have worked with a client and we are approached by his competitor in the future, we work with him only with a consent of our former client.
  • We are able to look ahead and solve current problems with an outlook to the future.
  • We do not focus on a short term and speedy solution to a particular situation/problem, but we strive to train managers to solve the problems in general.
  • What will the customer gain?

    Faster resolution than he would be able to implement himself (gaining time)

    Experience and a different point of view ( increasing the chance to succeed)

    A different point of view from outside (overcoming blinders and thus seeing more ways how to achieve the goal).

Company history


Foundation of a company called INVENTA Consulting, spol. s r.o


INVENTA Consulting is the largest company in the market specialised purely in management consulting


Ing. Jindřich Minx redeems the shares of other partners and INVENTA Consulting is renamed to i2M, s.r.o.


i2M focuses on best practices and strategy


The first year of PRO VYROBA Tour is in progress (known as Lean Six Sigma Tour)


The company registered office is moved from Prague to Olomouc, Ing. Antonín Krejčí joins as a partner.


Extension of activities with e-learning focusing on strategies, processes, innovation and industrial engineering.

i2M, s. r. o.
Náves Svobody 29
779 00 Olomouc

Company ID: 61504807
VAT number: CZ61504807

Business registry: Regional court in  Ostrava, section C, number 54911

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