Are you looking for a unbiased insight from outside that will allow you to full understand the situation you are facing? Do you need to identify and manage the greatest risks but you are lacking practical experience in new concept implementation?

Do you need to improve your financial situation, reduce costs without jeopardising your business? Or is it that you need to eliminate performance barriers and resolutely develop your company culture in order to support building of competitive advantage?

Our fundamental approach is so called process consulting - a combination of consulting and training.

„We do not offer fish, we offer fishing net and teach our clients how to catch far bigger fish.“

We offer help in these kind of situations (but not limited to)

Strategy for further development

A need to update the strategy and prepare for further development

  1. The shareholder was not happy with the company progress and prospect for the coming years
  2. The company is so far successful but is strongly dependent on a single large customer and is at risk of 30 to 50% revenue loss
  3. Newly appointed general director needs to present a meaningful development strategy to the board
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Identification of new business opportunities to grow

  1. The company underestimated the innovation process and is seeking new opportunities now
  2. It is important to develop competent innovation proposals and select the one with the best perspective
  3. The strategy defined business areas with good perspective but the company is not sure how to make its way through.
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Investment opportunities assessment and preparation for their financing

  1. Owners have come up with an idea to invest and wish to evaluate its meaningfulness
  2. It is important to evaluate the return on investment and risks associated with alternative investment opportunities
  3. It is important to make a decision in what technology and means of production to invest
  4. It is important to reach out to banks and investors and develop a business plan
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Crisis situation caused by the loss of customers and market position

  1. By entry of new competitors and due to the political situation the market has declined and the company needs to quickly find new outlets and ways to penetrate the markets
  2. It is necessary to change the company's attitude and face the exposure towards competition and substitutes.
  3. Customers changed their fundamental requirements.
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Perceived need to innovate the business model

  1. The company produces a saleable product but is not successful in selling it in a desired volume and price.
  2. The new product is not getting through to the market through existing sales channels and business models.
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Identification of partners for expansion and candidates for an acquisition.

  1. The company wants to expand into new markets and is considering acquisition of a local partner.
  2. The strategy clearly revealed the need to quickly acquire new key qualifications and the need to quickly identify suitable candidates to take over.
  3. It is necessary to asses the risks and select the most suitable of the proposed candidates for the decision making process of the board.
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Strategic operations optimisation after the merger and acquisition

  1. Right after the merger or acquisition it is necessary to promptly set up processes and assign responsibilities as well as to cut staff.
  2. It is required to quickly update the strategy of the new company group, address potential risks and prevent the merger or acquisition failure.
  3. There are huge problems arising from the differences between cultures - mergers and acquisitions do not serve their purpose.
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Performance issues

High production costs are the root cause for the loss of customers and unsuccessful tenders

  1. Long-term customers are walking away to competitors offering a lower price.
  2. The tenders failure has increased significantly and the salesmen are failing to meet the target
  3. The cost of inputs as well as cost of labour have changed dramatically and entire business sectors are in a danger of loss
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Insufficient production capacity to cover the demand

  1. A company has won a lot of contracts and now is in trouble to fulfil them.
  2. Investment in new efficient technology could endanger the contracts overall efficiency
  3. The only realistic way how to ensure orders realisation in the given timeframe is to significantly improve the production throughput and to replenish cooperation efficiently
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Low labour efficiency (compare to competition)

  1. A company faces much lower added value per worker compare to competition.
  2. The orders delivery time of competitors is significantly shorter.
  3. The competitors tackle similar orders volume with significantly lower number of staff.
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Lean production and a lean company

  1. The foreign owner has requested the company to promptly implement the lean production methodology.
  2. In comparison with the top competitors a big room for improvement is clear and the company needs to improve its competitive advantage
  3. The company leadership feels that lean production upgrade and further development is necessary to keep the company's position in the market.
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Drop in profitability of particular products or services

  1. Loss in several market sectors - decline in the company's results
  2. Changes in product line and revenue volumes in the market sectors have direct negative impact on the company's results
  3. Despite the increasing revenues trend the financial results show decline.
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A strong need to innovate processes and products and thus improve the company's competitive advantage

  1. Due to inadequately attractive products and services offer, the company has been suffering a loss in the market
  2. Current approach has not delivered enough efficiency and it is necessary to innovate processes in principle, highly improve effectiveness and upgrade products quality
  3. The existing innovation process has not delivered such products and services which would ensure desired revenues in the long run

Do you wish to implement the right innovation the right way?

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The need to significantly reduce production costs for products already in place - Design for Cost

  1. It is necessary to decrease the total cost by 20% to make the products salable.
  2. The company wants to prolong lifetime of a successful product in the market and has decided to significantly cut the total costs by its construction adjustment while keeping all key characteristics.
  3. The START-UP results are technically excellent but the production costs against the prototype need to be reduced by 20-30%.

Start using the set of techniques and tools for Design for Cost.

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Management reporting

Set up of efficient reporting for operations management as well as strategy implementation management

  1. Used reporting is not satisfying the requirements, it is unnecessarily extensive and it does not contain necessary information for management development.
  2. Owners, the board or the supervisory committee will request new reporting set up.
  3. New information is available and the strategy implementation process will need to follow new parameters.
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Industrial and procedural audit with a proposal of optimum actions to reach performance improvement

  1. The director and company owners feel the need to implement significant changes and they wish to obtain a practical opinion on what approach to take.
  2. Our company is bidding for a contract and will conduct an industrial and procedural audit to ensure to bring together an offer to fit.
  3. The company wants to validate the impact of implemented changes and get "more recipes" for further improvement process.
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Implementation of performance standardisation and performance measurement

  1. The mother company is planning to order its Czech and Slovakian affiliates to implement standardisation REFA or MOST
  2. In the past the company repealed standardizers and now feels imperative need to address production capacity issues, update the standards and train new people.
  3. Standards creation system is obsolete and it is necessary to highly improve the level of standardisation and apply the same towards optimisation of technical processes and work organisation improvement.
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Determination of the actual profitability of particular products and services

  1. The company has its own information system but is not able to reliably define the cost and profitability of its products and services
  2. It is imperative to review unreliable calculations and bring together high-quality supporting documents for salesmen to put together their offers.
  3. The update of the strategy requires to put together a reliable current company cost model
  4. The company is well able to increase its turnover but the economic performance shows a decline
  5. The company is facing a crisis situation and now has to quickly define the costs and profitability of the current products in order to determine speedy actions to tackle the crisis.

We apply our own original tailor-made concept MILEGO for situation and information status within a company

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People development

The improvement of employees' skills to participate in the company performance improvement

  1. The employees perceive their role in the company very little
  2. Everybody ensures "their work is done" and management is to blame for failure
  3. The employees are not able to identify wastage and are not familiar with any methodology how to eliminate it.
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The need to design and implement the optimal way of training and development of people to enhance the performance

  1. The company staff often tends to be "over-trained"
  2. Gained knowledge is rarely used to enhance processes and to strengthen company's performance
  3. Learnt theory does not necessarily mean that staff will be able to apply the same in practice
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A change in the company culture and removal of performance barriers

  1. The employees handle their issues in their respective departments
  2. There are barriers among individual departments in the company
  3. The people are not aware of the procedural company structure and the need to invest all energy into performance and competitive advantage improvement
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Personnel audit, a competency model

  1. The people are "allocated" to their department and are not aware of the process importance
  2. Clear requirements towards the employees' skills and knowledge are not specified
  3. The companies do not have competency and back up matrix in place
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Increase in efficiency of the motivation system and employees compensation

  1. Companies do not have well established motivation system
  2. Employees are very little involved in the matter of company's performance and financial results
  3. Employees are convinced that all failures are caused by the actions of the managers
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